For Schools: Libraries and Teachers

Want to do a class section on The Adventures of Rusty the Forgotten Fire Engine?  Well we have a package just for you.

  • You get: Two (2) copies of each hardcover book and Two (2) copies of each paperback book.

That is 8 books in all, a $55.80 value, for just $30.

But, wait there’s more.

    • In addition, you will get a PowerPoint Presentation of both Rusty the Forgotten Fire Engine and Rusty Goes to Water World that you can use over and over again at no extra cost.
    • Want to get parent organizations involved? Sell books to students at the retail price of $17.95 for each hardcover or $9.95 for each paperback and we will give your organization 40% of the proceeds.

If you are interested contact Joe to learn more.

For Hospitals and Practitioners Treating Children

JoeFisherBooks has worked with the National Children’s Hospital Association to give up to 440 books to their member organizations. We have since expanded that to include Professionals who treat children.

Best of all it is totally FREE. We will send you a copy of each hardcover and each paperback. 4 books in all at no cost.

If you are interested contact Joe to learn more.

Discount Bundles

At JoeFisherBooks, we want you to read our stories. So, we have made it easier than ever with our Buy One Get One FREE program.

  • Buy a hardcopy of one Rusty book for $17.95 plus postage and we will give you the companion in the series absolutely FREE.

Same goes for paperbacks.

  • Buy a copy of either Rusty book for $9.95 plus postage and will get the other FREE.

Buy the set and have hours of fun with your little one. Buy the Bundle here.

Free While They Last

During the printing of the paperback version of Rusty Goes to Water World the book cover was slightly off. The books had to be reprinted.

We were left with 500 copies we could not sell, so we are giving them away. If you want one just contact Joe and we will send you one for the price of postage, $1.50.

They aren’t perfect but you will hardly notice.

If you are interested contact Joe to learn more.

* Note: These offers are only available here through this website,