“I first read this book some ten years ago, and I knew almost immediately it was “a keeper”. Without a doubt, it is the very best book on the subject of public reactions to the serial murderer; a subject, I might add, that was off the radar, as it were, until the publication of this book. Also, it is not often that I finish a work and ponder how fortunate we are that the author decided to travel down this literary road, but this is exactly the reaction I had upon closing Mr. Fisher’s book. It is a fine academic study of the subject, and I’m betting it will be around for many decades, as its message is timeless. Indeed, folks reading it a hundred years from now will find it as “telling” as we do today.”

Kevin M. Sullivan, KILLERS AMONG US

“Fisher takes us on a hauntingly personal and fully-immersive journey of the harrowing and unforeseen events of his life-threatening crises. Tapping into on his more than three decades of work with medical professionals, Fisher provides empirically-significant data and analysis as the basis for medical decision making in times of crisis. This is a captivating and chilling narrative of the raw emotional experience of facing one’s own mortality, interspersed with Fisher’s intellectual and wry sense of humor. Well done!”

William R. Thompson, THE NEXT BREATH

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