Rusty the Forgotten Fire Engine

Book One
The Adventures of Rusty the Forgotten Fire Engine
AGES 4-8!

Written by Joe Fisher
Illustrated by Jaye Boswell 

Rusty the Forgotten Fire Engine tells the story of a fire engine and the fireman and boy who love him.  It is a lighthearted and multi-layered story, richly told, that will appeal to children and adults alike. 

Whimsical illustrations create an air of fantasy, drawing children into Rusty’s world while stimulating their imaginations as they follow Rusty’s journey from hero to outcast and back again.

The surprise ending brings the tale to a heart-warming and satisfying conclusion that reveals all things have hidden value that is waiting to be released.   Rusty the Forgotten Fire Engine is a classic story of love, loss, transformation and redemption.

Hardcover, Signed

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What Others Are Saying


“A delightful repast that transcends generations.  At once, a kiddo’s trek through the blissful naïveté of life on the bright side.  And a Boomer’s journey that illustrates the value and joy of purposefully redefining.  Certain to elicit smiles and tug and touch hearts of all ages.” – DOROTHY PARKER, REVIEW ON AMAZON

“I purchased Rusty the Forgotten Fire Engine for my 3 year old daughter – who is obsessed with fire engines and dalmations – and she loved it! The illustrations are fantastic and it has a great message. Definitely recommend!” – ERIKA IRIS SIMMONS

“Children and adults will relate to this charming story. A new fire engine becomes a cast-off with age. Even though the community has all but forgotten its initial pride in the engine there are still those who remember the wonderful experiences they enjoyed with Reddy/Rusty. Rusty’s old age becomes an asset in a clever ending to the story.

The story contains delightful jingles and rhymes for children to repeat. The illustrator has done a superb job of making Reddy/Rusty jump off the page and into our hearts.” – LYNN BEATY

Review for Rusty the Forgotten Fire Engine from Kirkus Reviews:

A once-beloved fire engine regains a town’s affection in this picture book for lap readers.

When the town of Someport-by-the-Sea buys a new fire engine—bright, red Reddy with his big, red water tank—residents young and old (all depicted as Caucasian) are delighted. Helpful Reddy makes the town proud; he receives accolades wherever he goes. But after leading his first Independence Day parade, Reddy loses his luster, and admiration shifts to new acquisitions, including a snowplow and a road grader. The truck is renamed Rusty and eventually relegated to the end of the parade. How Rusty reclaims the townspeople’s hearts involves a hot summer day, an old friend, and a surprise repurposing of Rusty’s water tank. Adults may find the narrative a bit precious at times (the ladders go “Up Up Uppity-up”; the firehouse dog goes “Bark Bark Barkity-bark”), but Fisher’s (The Next Breath, 2014, etc.) prose invites empathy, as does illustrator Boswell’s understated suggestion of a face in Rusty’s grille and headlights. The author’s observations on the fickleness of fame come through with appropriate humor and heart, and the small illustrations are pleasantly rendered against ample negative space.

A children’s tale that veers toward the sugary side, but the ups and downs of an anthropomorphic fire engine are sympathetically portrayed.