Rusty Goes to Water World

Book Two The Adventures of Rusty the Forgotten Fire Engine

Written by Joe Fisher
Illustrated by Jaye Boswell 

Rusty Goes to Water World is the second story in the adventures Rusty, the beloved fire engine in the town of Someport-by-the-Sea, who has a special knack for solving problems in most unusual ways.

The story is set in Water World, the fantastical water park filled with fun places for everyone in town, from toddlers to adults. Vivid illustrations of the park, its rides and attractions will light up a child’s imagination while their playful names will bring smiles to older readers.

The unexpected ending shows solutions to a problem often comes from an unlikely source whose talents are overlooked. Rusty Goes to Water World is a timeless tale of good that flows from the recognition of hidden abilities in others.

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Water World Poem

Water World was the students’ favorite place in Someport-by-the-Sea.  It had:

Rivers for floating and rivers with thrills

          Bridges to cross them except for the spills.

Rides that spin and rides that dropped, and

          Diving boards to go belly flop.

Lagoons for teen surfers and coves for the boarders, even a

          Pond for people a little bit shorter.

Fountains spraying water in many unusual places,

          Between toes, on head tops and right in their faces.

Best of all, right in the middle, a slide so tall, steep and twisty,

          Even the bravest couldn’t help be a little scared stiffy.

          By a ride so wildly fast and so very thrilling,

          Hair-raising, nerve-racking and always bone chilling.

What Others Are Saying

Rusty Goes to Water World praise from Kirkus Reviews:

Young readers introduced to the smiling hero in Rusty, the Forgotten Fire Engine (2017) should enjoy this sweet sequel.

Also from Kirkus Reviews:

An amiable tale with a kindhearted fire engine as its relatable hero.

Although Rusty doesn’t speak, his gentle personality, conveyed through Fisher’s text and Boswell’s pleasant illustrations, invites empathy.

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Following is from an official review of “Rusty Goes to Water World” by Joseph C Fisher. Review by Cecilia_L: 

Rusty Goes to Water World is a delightful children’s picture book by Joe Fisher… Illustrator Jaye Boswell brings the personalities of Rusty and the townspeople to life through her amusing artwork. The book teaches young readers ranging from ages four through eight about friendship, gratitude, problem-solving, and teamwork. Thanks to the introductory recap, the story can stand on its own. However, Rusty’s latest adventure is likely to spark interest in the first and planned third books in the series. I particularly like the story’s nonsensical style of creativity; a town called “Someport-by-the-Sea” and characters like ‘Mayor Himself’ give the picture book a fun quality that will delight young children. Likewise, the whimsical illustrations feature intricate details allowing readers to discover something new each time they turn the pages… The picture book will entertain the targeted audience, and I also recommend it to parents, teachers, and grandparents to read aloud to their little ones.”

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