Rusty Goes to Water World

Book Two The Adventures of Rusty the Forgotten Fire Engine

Written by Joe Fisher
Illustrated by Jaye Boswell 

The townspeople of Someport-by-the-Sea want to honor Rusty for saving them during the “Summer Like No Other” so the Mayor Himself decides a park should be named in Rusty’s honor. But, finding the right place is not as easy as it sounds. Then when students at Sea Stone Elementary take Rusty on their end of year celebration at Water World things don’t go as planned.

Just as Mr. Spritz the Manager of Water World is about to close the park because of an equipment failure, Rusty, with the help of Fireman Jim and Mike the Deputy Fire Chief, once again saves the day and in the process finds a new home in a water park that bears his name.

Water World

Rusty Goes to Water World

Hardcover, Signed

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Water World Poem

Water World was the students’ favorite place in Someport-by-the-Sea.  It had:

Rivers for floating and rivers with thrills

          Bridges to cross them except for the spills.

Rides that spin and rides that dropped, and

          Diving boards to go belly flop.

Lagoons for teen surfers and coves for the boarders, even a

          Pond for people a little bit shorter.

Fountains spraying water in many unusual places,

          Between toes, on head tops and right in their faces.

Best of all, right in the middle, a slide so tall, steep and twisty,

          Even the bravest couldn’t help be a little scared stiffy.

          By a ride so wildly fast and so very thrilling,

          Hair-raising, nerve-racking and always bone chilling.