Birds of the Refuge

1. White Pelicans

2. Swallowtail Kite

3. Magnificent Frigate Bird

4. Brown Pelicans

5. Roseate Spoonbill

6. Great Blue Heron

7. Yellow Crowned Night Heron

8. Wood Stork

9. Reddish Egret

10. White Ibis

11. Great Egrets

Other Birds in the Text

1. Bald Eagle

2. Killdeer

3. Nighthawk

4. Zebra Longwing Butterfly

Ospreys in the Outfield
A Sanibel, Florida Story
Written by Joe Fisher
Illustrated by May Jernigan

Ophelia and her mate Oliver fly over Sanibel trying to find a place to nest. After several false starts, they think they have found the perfect spot – the lights around the athletic field next to Sanibel School. Perfect that is until Little League season begins when yelling boys and girls invade their new home. If that were not bad enough batted balls threaten their new nest and young brood. Fed up Oliver takes matters into his own talons, grabs a ball midflight and takes it back to the nest. What happens next just proves it takes a village and the Golden Rule to play baseball when there are Ospreys in the Outfield. [LEARN MORE]