Ospreys in the Outfield

A Sanibel, Florida Story

Written by Joe Fisher
Illustrated by May Jernigan

Ospreys in the Outfield is part Osprey field guide and part memoir of Sanibel Island at the turn of the last century. A time when Sanibel was a tranquil, wild place and the baseball fields and the Sanibel School were the beating heart of the community. The charming story and stunning realistic illustrations describe Osprey natural history and behaviors through the journey of Osprey mates, Ophelia and Oliver, who want nothing more than to find a peaceful place to raise a family.

For parents and children, island life revolved around the Sanibel School and Little League where larger than life characters, “The Commish” and Sanibel School Principal, Mrs. Ward, taught children practical lessons in getting along with wildlife and each other. Ospreys in the Outfield is a charming story of tolerance and accommodation guided by the Golden Rule.

Coming Winter 2021